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American Online Elementary School

American Online Elementary School’s online kindergarten courses cover the building blocks needed for a solid educational foundation. From math and science to art and literature, our online kindergarten curriculum provides a full K-5 Online Homeschool Curriculum.

American High School offers an accredited online elementary school for homeschooling students. Our school is an online student-paced learning system covering preschool through high school. It is popular as a homeschool curriculum or supplement to your existing curriculum. Kindergarten games teach educational lessons the way that kids want to learn them — the fun way! Our online kindergarten curriculum makes learning fun, dynamic, and interactive.

Students in grades K-5 enroll in our project-based program, which integrates the content across language arts, science, and social studies.

Featured Elementary School Courses

elementary school language arts courses

Letters and Sounds

Introduce letters of the alphabet with scaffolded Activities and videos. Then, practice blends, digraphs, and other letters patterns with animated video tutorials, also known as Learn Screens

elementary school courses


Enhance vocabulary and reading confidence across different genres and utilize comprehension strategies to deepen understanding in the context of authentic texts.


Dig into each element of the writing process to create original stories via Topic Tools and develop writing strategies to clarify meaning, enhance style and build interest.

Numbers and Operations

Utilize interactive online number lines, charts, and games to build number fluency, then transform computational practice into fun, story-driven Activities and competitive class challenges

Algebraic Reasoning

View video tutorials known as Learn Screens that model algebraic equations using learner-paced animations. Then, apply operational strategies to solve problems in a friendly, online environment.

Geometry and Measurement

Sort, classify, and define attributes of shapes, develop familiarity with coins and counting money, and discern different ways to measure through robust content that inspires active

Science Learn Screens

Our Learn Screens give you step-by-step tutorials to explain different processes or concepts visually. Often paired with Activities, they give the information which the Activity later tests and reinforces.

Science Topic Tools

Our open-ended whiteboard tools are fantastic for science, enabling teachers to perform virtual experiments to explain scientific processes. Especially useful when risk or time limitations come into play!

Science Tests

Our Science Tests for England are designed to support summative and diagnostic assessment, with each test scored against the National Curriculum criteria. Once your students have taken a Test

Computer Science

Introduce students to the world of coding to demonstrate how computers work! Look at basic algorithms, understand how they’re read, and test code out with our Code Crunch programming tool

Information Technology

Look at the application of technology, explore how it’s used to create solutions in our daily lives, and evaluate how technology can help solve everyday problems. We use technology to learn every day.