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Designed for Success

At American High School (AHS) we believe every student should have access to a high-quality education, it is with this in mind that we have created a curriculum that focuses on learner’s strengths, skill, needs, and unique interests. We believe that his approach will best help our students gain the skills, knowledge they need to help them have success at the next level.

AHS provides online solutions for students in K-12th grade.

Since every student is unique and talented and they deserve the best education to succeed in any school environment which will ultimately prepare them for post-secondary education or career success. Our students will graduate and receive a traditional high school diploma, which will allow them to attend any of the top colleges and universities here in the United States

Many Options to Suit Your Needs

AHS offers flexible programs that allow students to meet their individual goals. Our program utilizes:

  • An industry leading, curriculum with constant support from teachers and academic counselors
  • Flexible start dates all through the school year for maximum flexibility
  • We offer both full and part-time options to students in the US and internationally
  • AHS offers AP and Honors courses for students seeking advanced placement
  • We also offer a fully accredited NCAA athlete program.

Individual Courses

Individual online courses from AHS’s are available to supplement your current education or to help complete your homeschool curriculum. You may choose from:

  • Core courses at multiple levels for students in K – 12th grade
  • Foreign language courses and a wide range of electives (such as Journalism, Web Design, Fine Art…etc)
  • Career Education courses (such as Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts, Criminology…etc)
  • AHS also offers Credit recovery courses and summer course programs.

Advance Learning Curriculum For Learning

500+ Online courses

High Quality Certified Instructors

American Online High School teachers are certified and trained specifically for the online environment, working with each student’s unique learning abilities, and developing their ability to succeed. Our teachers bring years of experience from the brick-and-mortar school teaching to their online classrooms.

Our teachers:

  • Teach engaging lessons in virtual classrooms
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on student work
  • Hold office hours and teacher-parent conferences online and by phone

Teachers also regularly participate in professional development to keep them on top of online teaching practices.