Adult Learner Program

American High School Adult Learner Program

In today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, education has become a lifelong endeavor that is an essential element of career success. Understanding that education improves job performance and enhances marketability, adult learners are enrolling in colleges and universities in record numbers. As an adult student at American High School, you will not only earn the quality education employers demand, but you will receive the individual attention you deserve. American High School is here to assist you.


Adult learners program are a diverse group, with a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds, adult responsibilities and job experiences. They typically do not follow the traditional pattern of enrolling in secondary education if they were unable to complete high school, however, American High School is here to assist you. Adult Learners return to High School to earn their High School Diploma to stay competitive in the workplace and/or prepare for a career change while earning their Diploma.

American High School understands that while pursuing higher education can be an exciting experience for an adult learner, this experience can also prove to be challenging without a High School Diploma. To help adult learners make the most of their educational opportunities and achieve academic success, American High School offers a number of resources unique to the needs of these students. Whether you want to enroll in college or join the military, American High School is here to help you achieve your goals.

Adult Learners Program Need

Adult learners need: 

  • Flexible class schedules
  • Distance learning options
  • Course credit for life and job experiences
  • Academic and career services
  • Awareness campaigns that promote available educatio

Adult Learners Often

Adult learners often: 

  • Seek online learning
  • Enroll in an Online Program to complete their High School Requirements
  • They need a High School Diploma if they want to earn a certificate and/or non-degree programs at colleges
  • Have “stopped out” of education with intentions to return
  • Need refresher courses to prepare them for college wor